Studio Description

Lemonade Flashbang is a single developer studio, operating out of Portland, Oregon. Started in late 2020, the studio is focused on creating games that are lighthearted and fun while still containing deep and long-lasting gameplay that can appeal to both casual and hardcore players alike.


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Game Description

Doomsday Paradise is a multiplayer RPG that captures the magic of a goofy Dungeons and Dragons game and brings it to life. It could probably be best described as a fusion of Slay the Spire and Monster Prom- combining deckbuilding elements with a charming cast and large, branching narrative.

Doomsday Paradise is currently navigating through its beta testing phase, and is expected to launch early 2023.

Images, GIFS, etc.,

You can find screenshots in the images tab of this website. You can find character art, background images, gifs, and other visuals in this zip file.