Lemonade Flashbang is owned and operated by Shadi Taha, who is the only official member of the team. Shadi, writing now in 3rd person, is responsible for the writing, project management, game design, programming, and character design.

He also has some help from his lovely wife Sarah, who has designed most of the enemy characters and assisted with character concepting for the game's romanceable bachelors and bachelorettes.

There are also a great deal of wonderful contractors who've assisted with the production of the game!

Sound Designer: Diego Demarco

Composer: Mario Sello Nunez

Background Art: Erica Costello

Background Art: Tiffany Porta

In-Battle Character Art: Mattibee

Other Character Art: 24hrs Coma

UI: Moutaz Maudy

Minions, Face Sprites: Violet Trinity